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Hearing Loss

Can Headphones Cause Tinnitus?

A recent article by Tina Sieber (Sound Guys, 2021) reports on headphones and the relationship they may have with tinnitus. She states in the beginning of her article that both wireless headphones and earbuds are harmless when used responsibly.  What can give rise to tinnitus, however, is hearing loss. The problem with headphones is that people …

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Vertigo and Migraines

Vertigo is one of the most common complaints in medicine, as well as migraines.  Specifically, vertigo, which is the sensation of perceived motion without actually moving, is reported by up to one third of people who have migraines, and general dizziness or unsteadiness is reported by up to three quarters of all patients with migraines. There …

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What is Sensorineural Hearing loss?

Sensorineural hearing loss is the most common type of all hearing losses.  It is the hearing loss which is due to nerve damage or reduced sensitivity of the sensory and the neural parts of the human ear.  There are 9 signs of sensorineural hearing loss.  They are: difficulty following conversations can not understand speech in a …

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