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Tips for Communicating with a Face Mask

Face masks are an important measure in preventing the spread of Covid-19.  Mandatory mask wearing is definitely important and we have come up with certain solutions when challenges arise.  They are as follows:

  • speak slowly, a little louder than normal, and rephrase your remarks if they are not understood.
  • have easy access to a notepad and pen so you can jot things down.
  • If there is a group interacting with a hearing impaired individual, make sure only one person speaks at a time.
  • eliminate any background noise, such as turning off music or moving to a quieter area.
  • masks that have a transparent window where the mouth is would be especially beneficial in circumstances where there is a high degree of hearing loss and lip reading is necessary.
  • there are apps available that can help convert speech to text on your mobile device.

We at the hearing Institute of Ontario understand that hearing loss is an invisible disability and that following these tips will go a long way in helping the hearing impaired individual communicate effectively. 

At the Hearing Institute of Ontario, your hearing health is important to us.
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