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How Often Should I Wear My New Hearing Aids?

Wearing new hearing aids is not always easy.  Each hearing aid is unique and requires special adjustments to meet your needs.

Your new hearing devices may feel uncomfortable at first, and you may notice sounds like birds chirping or a clock ticking that can be distracting. Keep in mind your ears haven’t been taking in all of your surroundings for some time, and now they’re being overloaded with stimuli.

Give your ears time to adjust to the new physical sensation of your devices and your brain time to adjust to more auditory signals.  Wearing your hearing aids each day in different listening environments – in a restaurant, at work, or in the car – will reintroduce background sounds to your brain. Your hearing will progress as you adjust, but remember, inconsistent use can impede your progress.

The more you wear your hearing aids, the more comfortable they will feel. There’s no universal rule for how to wear new hearing aids, so create a plan that best suits you. If you’re straining to hear conversations because your new hearing aids are picking up background noise, take a break.

Go at your own pace and set a hearing schedule for yourself. Progress doesn’t have to move fast.  Together with your Audiologist, we can help you set hearing goals that will allow you to slowly get used to the amplification.

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